Position Summary


Seasonal/Temporary Position 

Start:  July 27, 2020 – Projected End:  May 2021

Pay Rate:  $12.50 Hourly


Position Description:

In a COVID-Safe setting, the incumbent will support the overall functions of the Client Services Office.

The PROGRAM ASSISTANT will assist walk-in registrants with the completion of their online application for Coronavirus Rent Assistance Funds.  The incumbent will receive broad training on the federal/state funded rent assistance program.  Training will also be provided on the fairly straight-forward rent application process and requirements, including an understanding of the data fields, personal data and screens which applicants must enter required information into a computer or tablet to complete the application.  

The PROGRAM ASSISTANT will rotate among the various applicants assisting them with application related questions and data entry of information for applicants who require that assistance.

The PROGRAM ASSISTANT will provide overall program support to the Client Services Office and function, which may include assistance with community outreach, receiving applications, responding to in-person or telephonic client inquiries, light filing and other clerical duties.



  • High School Diploma
  • Strong computer literacy, key-boarding skills and ability to navigate MS-Windows operating system with command and ease.
  • Excellent Reading and Comprehension Skills.
  • Excellent oral communication skills for listening to questions and responding appropriately
  • Stamina and strength to walk and stand for extended periods of time
  • Good customer service skills
  • Patient and warm personality for guiding customers in choosing products to purchase
  • Willingness to attend occasional staff meetings and on-the-job training
  • Previous customer service or sales experience a plus
  • Personal transportation required to perform periodic outreach activities (mileage paid)
  • Background Check Required


To Apply:

Interested candidates will submit a resume along with a letter of interest that outlines their qualifications in relationship to the duties and qualifications of the job