Photo of Alekandr Kamensky
Phone Number 317-524-6846
Photo of Bonnie Wilson
County Coordinator
Phone Number 765-482-7018
Photo of Cynthia Taylor
Executive Assistant to President/Board of Directors
Phone Number 317-396-1733
Photo of Dana Nash
CSBG Coordinator
Phone Number 317-524-6852
County Coordinator
Phone Number 317-773-2221
Photo of Kenn Starks
Energy Auditor
Phone Number 317-524-6856
Photo of Margaret Taylor
FGP Coordinator
Phone Number 317-524-6859
Photo of Patricia Mays
Senior Accountant
Phone Number 317-524-6844
Photo of Shelida Kerr
FGP Director
Phone Number 317-524-6860
Photo of Teresa Jordan
CSBG Director
Phone Number 317-396-1786
Photo of Terrence White
Fiscal Director
Phone Number 317-524-6843
Photo of Toni Collins
Clerical Support Specialist
Phone Number 317-396-1796
Photo of Tonya Hollingsworth
Housing Director
Phone Number 317-524-6853
Photo of Vincente Martinez
Energy Auditor
Phone Number 317-524-6854
Photo of Wonda Smith
Phone Number 317-524-6851