What is Trauma Informed Community Building Training?


Trauma informed community building, begins to define, discuss, and address trauma and the lasting impact it has on our communities. It explains why our communities (usually in urban areas) are having challenges with thriving. This model serves to assist community leaders and workers in recognizing the impact of “continual violence, poverty, historical structures of racism, and disenfranchisement” can do to a community (Collins, 2010). It also serves to identify proven strategies to promote community healing while promoting community building. 

The We CANN BUILD (Build Up Informed Leaders for Development) is a set of workshops designed to improve the skills, knowledge and behaviors of those that work in a role that has direct contact with the community on a daily basis: such as (but not limited to) community organizers, community development staff, youth organizers, elected and appointed officials, neighborhood boards, nonprofit staff (especially in community outreach roles), city/county/state employees, first responders, health professionals and religious organizational staff and volunteers.


These seven impactful trainings will introduce models of trauma informed care and community building that assist in understanding its impact on youth, families, and communities. Working to understand why trauma can be a stumbling block for challenged communities and how being trauma informed can complement the efforts of asset-based community building approaches (ABCD). The trainings will uncover proven best practices and will evaluate community workers to identify individual trauma and discussing the possible impact that it may have on their work within the community. Lastly, engage participants in collaborative planning and result-based implementation strategies to meet the needs of the community.


Community Action of Greater Indianapolis (cagi) is honored to bring to you “We CANN B.U.I.L.D.”.