Snacks Crossing Elementary School

Foster Grandparent Program (FGP)

Roberta Fortes and two students
Roberta Fortes and two students

The Foster Grandparent Program offers individuals aged 55 and older, opportunities to serve as mentors and tutors for children with special/exceptional needs or who are considered to be at risk. Foster Grandparents provide at least 15 hours of weekly service to non-profit community organizations such as schools, hospitals, day cares and homeless centers.

Grandparents must meet income eligibility guidelines and pass a physical and background check.

Grandparents receive a small federal stipend, transportation cost reimbursement, paid sick and vacation leave, a daily lunch and countless hours of satisfaction from their labors of love.

The students typically range from 6 weeks to grade 12 and are given academic assistance under the direction of teachers, day care administrators, and are provided training and development of social skills. The FGP director and volunteers assess each student’s initial level of academic and social development and devise a plan complete with goals and objectives to help increase the student’s capabilities in those areas.

For more information, please contact:

Shelida Purnell
Foster Grandparent Director
(317) 524-6860
(317) 926-1278 — Fax

Joni Collins
Foster Grandparent Coordinator
(317) 524-6859