Story of Success: Taiveon

Taiveon has become a part of the CAGI family through our “We CANN”, (Community Action Neighborhood Network) program. We CANN is an evidence-based approach to decreasing crime and health disparities.

CAGI’s work concentrates on a small number of youth and young adults who are high-risk for involvement in a violent crime and who are between the ages of 18 to 26 with the aim that they will become civic minded employed members of the community. We call these individuals “Champions”.

He got involved with CAGI through his brother who said that the program would change his life.

Before joining the program he felt a sense of oppression, that he didn’t have the resources or knowledge on personal finance. CAGI helped him with job skills through our partners at EmployIndy, the City of Indianapolis and the Indy Chamber through their Job Ready Indy program. He earned critical thinking and problem solving badges which helped him show to employers his discipline and skills.

The program helped him realized that he was not on his own and that people are willing to support as long as your willing to empower and help yourself.

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